Free Plan features

Simply download the myInspections app to enjoy the features below without getting out the credit card.

Free plan

Perform inspections

Walk through the property taking photos, video, notes, and adding any tasks to your to-do list. If you already have your photos and notes then you don’t need to be at the property.

Create up to 8 inspection reports per year on the Free plan.

Complete the inspection walking around using your device
Free plan

Create and e-sign inspection

E-sign your report and share it with a property manager, co-landlords, and/or tenants so they can review and sign.

When you share inspection reports, other parties can sign the reports from their internet browser - no need to download the myInspections app.

Create and e-sign inspection reports
Free plan

Digital report

Your inspection report can be viewed in any web browser and on any device.

This means sharing your reports couldn't be easier: simply share the unique report URL or your report.

View your digital inspections
Free plan

Export report to PDF

Of course, you might also need a solid copy to backup your inspections.

As needed, export your reports to a PDF.

View your digital inspections
Free plan

Share reports

Share the unique link to your report with anyone you'd like to view or sign the report, be it property managers, co-landlords, and/or tenants.
View your digital inspections
Free plan

Stored for 1 year

Your reports will be stored and backed up online for 1 year. Export your report as a PDF at anytime to personally back up your records.

Upgrade to our paid plans for unlimited storage

Storing your reports
Free plan


Set reminders for your upcoming inspections to comply with your insurance requirements.

You'll receive push notifications directly to your phone to remind you to schedule inspections.


Pro Plan features

The Pro Plan includes all features in the Free plan.

Pro plan

Unlimited inspections & storage

Unlimited inspection reports! In addition, your reports, photos, and videos are backed up until the end of the internet.

Unlimited storage
Pro plan


Collaborate with your team! With teams you can share access to your portfolio for help performing and managing your inspections.

With the Pro plan, you can have invite one other person to your team. Upgrade to the Business Plan for unlimited team members.

Collaborate with a teammate!
Pro plan

Web interface

Going beyond just a phone app, you have access to your portfolio from any web browser to easily view and share all your inspection reports.

It's one central location to set up properties and to view all your previous and upcoming inspections.

An interface from any web browser
Pro plan

Condition checklists

Use a checklist to record the condition of a room item by item.

Build your checklists either in the web interface in advance, or directly from the app while performing an inspection.

Advanced: Get started with any of our default templates (e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, etc), of build your own that can be saved and reused across different properties

Use a checklist to record the condition of a room item by item
Pro plan


Quickly and easily mark up your photos to highlight issues. An extra convenience when marking up your inspection.

Quickly and easily mark up your photos to highlight issues.

Pro Plan Pricing

$5 / month

Business Plan features

The Business Plan includes all features in the Free and Business plan.

Business plan

Teams & Permissions

Collaborate with your team! With teams you can share access to your portfolio for help performing, managing, and delegating your inspections.

Configure permissions of each team member to only give access as needed.

Advanced: team members configured as inspectors only get access to certain properties in your portfolio. Useful for large portfolios with dedicated inspectors.

Teams - unlimited
Business plan

Branded reports

Your brand logo will replace the 'myInspections' logo on all your inspection reports.

Teams - unlimited
Business plan

Property and inspection templates

For large portfolios with many similar properties, save and build property templates.

Templates form the blueprints of your inspections - ensuring inspections are consistently performed across properties and different team members.

Teams - unlimited
Business plan

Assign inspections

Delegate and assign inspections to different team members

When assigned a property, team members are prompted and notified to look after inspections at that property.

Teams - unlimited

Business Plan Pricing

$40 / month

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